Paul Poteet is a one man, 24/7 content machine with one foot in broadcasting and one in broadbanding. He's a professional meteorologist who doesn't just do the weather. "Indiana's Weatherman" was the first Indianapolis tv personality to plant a flag on the web, starting his own website back in pre-broadband days of 1998. He has thousands of friends and followers on Smaller Indiana, Facebook, and Twitter. He's performed in local, regional, and national commercial and corporate voiceovers. Poteet makes on-camera appearances for companies as a spokesman and host. He's a frequent public speaker and emcee. He manages websites and social media for the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, and Will Power Race For Riley.

A lifelong interest in weather intersected with a booth announcing gig at WTTV Channel 4 in the 80's, and put Paul in front of TV weather maps for the first time, sharing studio space with Cowboy Bob and Sammy Terry in the mid to late 80's. He did weekend weather in Lafayette in the early 90s, and came back to Indianapolis TV as part of a morning show from 1995-2009. Poteet has earned certification as a Meteorologist from Mississippi State University.

Paul Poteet has been on the radio for 30 years, getting his start in Fort Wayne and Kokomo. He first appeared in Indianapolis as a teen age DJ on WFBQ. He was fired a few months later, and then re-hired a few months after that. And it never stopped. His resume could fill a hard drive, but the highlights include time with WNAP, WNDE, WTPI, and WENS.

Always an early adapter, he did the first isdn-based daily radio show in the state from his "Studio B" for bedroom for a Lafayette radio station in the early 90's, and has been been featured as a daily personality via voicetracking, isdn, and the plain old telephone in Terre Haute, Muncie, New Castle, and Greensburg Indiana. Before that, he was working the old fashioned satellites when he created, produced and syndicated sports programming that featured IU basketball stars Steve Alford and Ted Kitchel for a statewide network of radio stations in the late 80's and early 90's.

Paul Poteet
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