Patrick Susmilch is a comedian based out of Minneapolis, MN. He was a recent finalist in the Funniest Person in Minneapolis contest.

Patrick Susmilch

My Clips

3 stars
Accomplishment Jar

Where do you even buy a jar these days?

3 stars
Baby Veins Susmilch

Patrick Susmilch talks baby veins.

3 stars
Badass Yacht Names

Pat Susmilch talks yachts.

3 stars
The Brony Struggle

Pat Susmilch was a brony before it was cool.

5 stars
Comedy Can Take You Far

Patrick Susmilch has performed all over the place.

5 stars
Mall Of America Show

Patrick Susmilch performs at all of Americas favorite commercial landmarks.

5 stars
Office Space

Patrick Susmilch sticks it to the man.

5 stars
5 stars
Tetris for life

Patrick Susmilch plays Tetris just like he lives.

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