All <b>Owen</b> wants to do is make you laugh.
If you watch TV, you’ve seen his face from the Chris Rock hit, <b>Everybody Hates Chris</b>; to the Ice Cube sitcom, <b>Are We There Yet?</b> And yes he's the guy from that <b>Nicorette</b> commercial where he goes toe to toe with a SHARK!
This fall, watch for Owen in the new Tim Meadows comedy, <b>Glory Daze</b> on TBS. And when in Los Angeles, be sure to see Owen Live at the <b>World Famous Comedy Store.</b>
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Owen Smith

My Clips

3 stars
3 stars
Women Are Snitchin'

Owen talks about these "New Mistresses"

5 stars
The Tiger Woods Effect

Owen spells out what Tiger's actions really mean for the rest of us men.

5 stars
Love Is Hard

Owen offers a solution that could lower the divorce rates.

Celeb Pick 5 stars
Marriage Vows

Owen's take on how they should "remix" the marriage vows.

5 stars
Tiger Woods

Recorded live at The Comedy Store in La Jolla, CA Owen's take on Tiger Wood's ever increasing numbers.

3 stars

Owen's take on the 2012 hype.

5 stars
George W. Bush

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3 stars
Still Anonymous?

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3 stars
My Father

For more funny moments with Owen please visit:

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