Overtime Comedy is a sketch comedy group made up of John F. Ford, Geoffrey Golden and Asterios Kokkinos. Suburban New York’s proudest sons, the three met at Emerson College in Boston and moved to Los Angeles in 2004. Their video series “Mario in Myspace” was featured on the front page of the Youtube comedy section, where it’s been seen by over a quarter of a million people. their other videos, including “Muppet Babies Discuss Our Civil Liberties”, “Bank Codes” & “Snap Bracelet Kills Kid” have been featured on the front pages of Bestweekever.tv, Yahoo! Video, Broadcaster.com, Purevideo.com, Thedailyreel.com & many others. They’ve written comedy pieces for the National Lampoon, Liquidgeneration.com and Stupidvideos.com, and regularly perform live shows in Los Angeles.

Overtime Comedy

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