Nick Z, self-described as the wild child of comedy, is not only an entertaining comedian, but also a man you yourself would want to know. Conversations with him are filled with stories and anecdotes so hilarious that one can only find irony in this thing we call life because when it is seen and told from Nick's perspective, it's a whole new ballgame. At first sight, Nick may seem like a quiet and shy guy, but don't let him fool you, his personality is actually quite the opposite. From his many different jokes that he so easily blurts out, on stage and off, to his infamous character Stefanie, a very cynical, crazy, sexually-driven valley girl who you never know what will say next, it is easy to see just why Nick is so loved not only by his fans, but also by his friends and strangers alike. His comedy is based on everyday life and that is why his comedy is so brilliant. Anyone and everyone can relate to it. And what is relateable is oftentimes the most intriguing because as you are sitting and watching his work, you will find yourself thinking, "Oh my God, I have definitely been in that kind of situation". So if you are fortunate enough to encounter Nick in your own life, whether at a party or on the street, than you are one lucky person, but if not, go check out one of his shows and see just what kind of screwed up, bass-ackwards humor this man is made of.

Nick Z
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