Late in the summer of 2007 I walked away from a 5-figure salary to pursue my dream of stand-up comedy.

After graduating from THE University of Findlay in 2001, I moved to Chicago while working on my masters in accounting. It took no more than a month for me to see a show at the famed Second City and know that accounting was not the thing for me. Over the course of the past 6 years I have had the privilege to perform stand-up and improv with a bevy of talented people in the Chicago area. Some of them you will no doubt one day know.

It may sound cliche, but we have learned that every generation since the beginning of time has had their own Bob Newhart: a poetic prophet who tries his hand in the game of accounting, only to take his dry wit to the stage and never turn back. Our grandparents had Burns & Allen of Burns & Allen, LLP , our parents had the actual Bob Newhart and you have me.

This is the beginning of the story. How will it end? Likely with my death, as most life stories do; but I will keep you updated on the chapters leading up to my impending doom.

Nick Morgan
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