Born and raised on the rough Nebraska streets (gravel roads), Nick is now a comedian living in Los Angeles. A featured comedy writer for Life & Style magazine, he has also been seen on WGN’s Bob & Tom Show, Comedy Time TV and the Boston Comedy Festival. In early 2010 Nick was part of the Pink Ribbon Comedy Tour which spanned 25 states with 65 shows in 91 days raising money for breast cancer research.

Nick Hoff

My Clips

3 stars
Engagement Ring

NIck Hoff said yes and you wouldn't believe the size of this rock!

3 stars
Shitting the Bed

NIck Hoff makes wetting the bed look like childs play.

3 stars

Nick Hoff is getting a special birthday present from a progressive young lady.

3 stars
Eat the Peach, Chuck the Pit

Nick Hoff is a compassionate fruit lover.

3 stars
Artificial Insemination

Nick Hoff is a result of artificial insemination. Hard to argue with the results, AMIRITE, ladies?

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