"High-Energy/ Heady" Nicholas Anthony's curious mind takes random situations and twists them into comedic gems. With his quick, candid delivery he creates a fun-house ride audiences never forget. At 22, Nicholas received 1st place at the coveted Las Vegas Comedy Festival and since has been on 2 season's of NBC's Last Comic Standing. Nicholas Anthony is quickly becoming one of America's top touring comedians. He looks forward to making your next event unforgettable! CREDITS: BOB & TOM Seattle International Comedy Competition San Francisco International Comedy Competition 1st Place Winner at the Las Vegas Comedy Festival 2 Season's of NBC's Last Comic Standing

Nicholas Anthony


My Clips

5 stars
Racial Road Rage 2

NIcholas Anthony does his best to keep his cool while he's on the road but just sometimes people make him so mad!

5 stars
Growing Up With Women

Nicholas Anthony benefited in all the wrong ways from growing up with women.

5 stars
Old Couples

NIcholas Anthony likes old couples cause they smell like memories.

5 stars
Broken Girls

Nicholas Anthony delves into the female psyche and finally learns what causes pink eye.

5 stars
LA Is Not Shitty

Nicholas Anthony is living in paradise. From the palm-tree-lined-streets to the babes in high waisted bikinis, LA is proving to be "his kind" of town.

5 stars
5 stars
Toilet paper commercial

Nicholas Anthony gets some dirty ideas from the TP companies.

5 stars
Walking around naked

Don't show up to Nicholas Anthony's apartment unannounced, unless you're ready to see some stuff you can't unsee.

5 stars
5 stars
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