<P>When but a few years old, Nathan was wandering through a record store with his grandmother. He spied an album cover of a man picking his nose and, thinking it funny, he asked (or conned) his sweet but confused (or senile) grandmother into buying it for him.<BR><BR>The record was George Carlin's "Class Clown" and it contained "The Seven Dirty Words You Can't Say On Television". The seed was planted.<BR><BR>Today Nathan is a world-traveling comedian, having visited numerous countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Japan in support of American troops.<BR><BR>He has recorded two CD's, receives regular airplay on Sirius Satellite Radio (Raw Dog Comedy Channel 104) and has appeared on the nationally-syndicated Bob and Tom Show.</P>

Nathan Timmel


My Clips

5 stars
5 stars
I'll Raise A Smart Kid

Flimmed in Bloomington, IL, I discuss what I'll do if ever cursed with child.

5 stars
My Unfortunate Racist Friend

I discover one of my friends is a little insensitive when it comes to other cultures.

5 stars
A Rose By Any Other Name

Virginity is a hot topic in America, so I decided to examine the effect stressing remaining chaste has on the youth of today.

5 stars
nathan timmel: i call things gay

filmed at the lovely cleveland improv, i discuss my time in the library and my research into the history of the word "gay." i discover its origins, where its been used and in what context, and how future generations may soon use the term. it's an exciting, historical trip down the path of a slice of americana.

5 stars
nathan timmel: doggy makes a discovery

filmed at the lovely Joke Joint comedy club, my dog realizes I have an important body part he needs to sniff to understand me.

5 stars
Mexican Women Amaze Me

There is an amazing correlation between Latin women and emergency life rafts. I explore this in an almost scientific manner using charts, graphs and a laser pointer.

5 stars
5 stars
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