Nathan Hartswick is a comedian and producer who hails from Northeastern Vermont. Together with his wife Natalie Miller, he runs Spark Arts - a performing arts studio that offers classes to kids and adults - and the Vermont Comedy Club, which promotes and produces comedy in the Green Mountain State. Nathan was the winner of the 2011 Higher Ground Comedy Battle, and a semi-finalist in the Funniest Comic in New England contest. He looks vaguely Jewish.

Nathan Hartswick

My Clips

3 stars
Nathan Hartswick on Leggings

Nathan has some thoughts on women who wear leggings.

3 stars
Nathan Hartswick on Chest Hair

Nathan has some thoughts on chest hair.

3 stars
Nathan Hartswick - Old Breasts

A friend laments the age of her breasts.

5 stars
Pregnant Women

An observation about the way pregnant women tend to speak.

5 stars
Cell Phones

A rant on the self-important nature of the mobile telephone.

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