Nate Abshire started performing to spite a girl who wouldn't return his calls, and he never looked back. Audiences love his sardonic wit, keen writing, and playful stage presence. Based in Minneapolis, he performs in clubs throughout the Twin Cities and the greater Midwest. He is a recording artist for Stand Up! Records. The girl still won't return his calls. He no longer cares.

Nate Abshire

My Clips

3 stars
Making a Baby

Nate Abshire is expecting to have a puppy someday.

3 stars
Peeing In Mexico

Nate Abshire knows the world is his toilet

3 stars
Rapping For Gold

Nate Abshire takes his investing cues from rappers.

5 stars
Bad Stranger Advice

Nate Abshire has something in common with Wendy's. They don't cut corners.

5 stars
Lady or Sheep?

Nate Abshire is just waiting for someone to drop their cell phone so he can put his dick in their face.

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