Nat Baimel’s act has been described as “witty,” “wacky,” and “weird.” Armed with a positive outlook and a boyish charm somewhat disturbing for a person his age, Nat has used his distinctive “against the grain” approach to comedy to win over audiences in clubs, colleges, and theatres from Miami to Los Angeles.

Nat talks about werewolves, being Jewish, holiday mascots, pharaohs, and childhood heartbreak -- and that’s all just one joke. A change of pace from traditional, run-of-the-mill comedians, Nat’s act is an unpredictable, winding road that keeps audiences laughing and guessing what will happen next. Nat was a finalist in the “Funniest Comic in L.A.” competition, and received praise for his tour de force performance as ‘Zombie 6’ in the cinematic masterpiece ‘Bikini Zombie High School.’

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