Mohammed Amer is a forthcoming brilliant personality in the world of Comedy. Originally a Palestinian, Mohammed fled his birth country of Kuwait during the Persian Gulf War while he was 9 years old. His family eventually settled in Houston, Texas.

Mohammad’s family was persuaded that he was going to become a Doctor; however destiny had a different plan. Mohammed had a comical side which started out by impersonating family members and developed it over a few short years to become the youngest comedian on the Muslim Comedy Tour; Allah Made Me Funny.

Mohammed developed his talent in the comedy club scene. In just a few short years, he was performing in USO tours in Germany, Italy, Sicily, Japan, Korea and Bahrain.

Upon returning, he was selected to perform at the Las Vegas Comedy Festival in 2004, alongside great stars as Wayne Newton and The Smothers Brothers. Soon afterwards, Mohammed toured with the world-famous nasheed pop singer Sami Yusuf.

Mo Amer
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