Made mostly of water, Mitch Hansen only uses about ten percent of his brain to write comedy.

Apparently, that's all he needs to make audience members say things like, "I thought he was all right. Not as good as the last guy, but he had a few good things."

The "last guy" is usually the headlining comic who will sometimes say nice things to Mitch after the show, like:

"How long you been doing this? Yeah? I've only had one drink, have you heard--do we get one free one? Good. ... Well I better get back to the room for the night and call my wife and let her know that I'm not getting into any trouble."

That's what keeps him going.

You can find Mitch's sketches and short films on YouTubes everywhere.

Please like him. He sure seems to think the world of you.

Mitch Hansen

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