Mike has worked with such nationally known comedians such as George Lopez, Jim
Gaffigan, Lewis Black, Darrell Hammond, Dave Attel, Pablo Fransisco, Jim Bruer,
Todd Glass, Mitch Hedburg, Larry the Cable Guy, Harland Williams, Bobcat
Goldthwait, Jake Johannsen, Dom Irrera, Jim Norton, John Pinette, Todd Barry,
Mike Birbiglia, just to name a few.
After being invited to the
Boston Comedy Festival and moving to New York City, he was quickly recognized as a
comedic talent to be reckoned with, making a name for himself in the circuit as a strong
writer with the performance skills to match. In 2004 Mike was the winner of the Carnival
Comedy Challenge, was featured on the Lifetime Network, and the CBS show
Entertainment Tonight. Mike has performed at the Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festival, the Prince Edward Island Comedy Festival, and The Laughing Skull Comedy Festival in Atlanta.

He was a contributing writer for “The Complete Idiot’s Guide
to Jokes” and the book “Kiss Your Butts Goodbye”. In 2007 he was the Mid-Atlantic
winner of “HBO’s Lucky 21” contest. He has been heard on the Nationally Syndicated
“Bob and Tom” radio show and is a regularly featured comic on XM Comedy.
Mike continues to work the comedy club circuit across the United States and Canada,
continually writing and performing new material.

Mike Storck


My Clips

3 stars
17 year old grandma

in arkansas they reproduce at an exponential rate.

5 stars
Kinky Girlfriend

i used to think i was kinky...

4 stars
Let out the Laugh

never cover your mouth at a comedy show, let it out.

3 stars
Treaty of Versailles

some jokes don't go over well on a cruise ship, which leads to some really obscure heckles. really obscure.

5 stars
Putting your dog to sleep

if you have to put your dog to sleep, do it right.

5 stars
How To Get Booked

an inside glimpse into the world of comedy booking adn the agencies we deal with. it's harder than it seems.

5 stars
Canadian Bums

the homeless people in canada really have their act together. they're pentalingual, have babies as props, and can balance their gulliver on a crutch.

5 stars
Learnin and Stuff

me learn good, that's the message i'm trying to convey.

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