Who is Mike Pantzer?
Yeah, who the hell is he? I mean, me. This quivering pile of man-flesh named Mike. Who am I?

I'm a loser, that's who I am. Proud and loud. The only thing I don't lose is weight. Jobs? Credit cards? Self-respect? All lost. But my dude-gut will always be here, like a chubby white koala clinging all flabby to my neck, bouncing happily along there with me, every day of my life.

Ah, the Loser. That's me.

And the logical thing for a loser to do? Become a comedian. That's like doubling down on loserdom. Can't keep a regular job? Go into a job that doesn't pay!
So welcome to my world. Welcome to loserville. It's really not that bad. At least there are laughs in this section of the dungeon.

Mike Pantzer

This artist currently doesn't have any clips up on the Rooftop website. Check back again soon, or better yet, give them a ring and tell them to head down to the comedy club for more of the good stuff.
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