After starting his career in Austin, Texas, comedian Mike Pantzer relocated to Florida to pursue his calling of being “a glorious mess.” He’s honed his loserhood with 40 years experience of failing, including failing as an actor, soldier, country singer, marketing executive, triathlete, lover, humanitarian, and usually as a person. Luckily, all of that losing makes for a great comic.

Mike tells real life stories that are so twisted you won’t believe they’re true, and trust me, he wishes they weren’t, but every one of them is real. Maybe it’s all put best by Mike’s loving father: “Frankly I’m surprised he’s not homeless.”

Mike Pantzer
This artist currently doesn't have any clips up on the Rooftop website. Check back again soon, or better yet, give them a ring and tell them to head down to the comedy club for more of the good stuff.
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