Mike has been making no-budget, guerrilla-style shorts for over six years and he is in the process of producing a variety of new projects of various lengths. He graduated from Ohio State in ‘04. His work has been showcased on the Independent Film Channel and currently he has numerous shorts in broadcast rotation on Qoob TV in Italy. He has screened one short film at the Angelica Film Archives for New Filmmakers and a different short for IFP Chicago’s Short Cuts. He was a selected participant in the 2004 Telluride Film Festival Student Symposium. When he isn’t making films he is searching for the meaning of life.

Mike Newman


My Clips

3 stars
livin' the dream (clip #1)

a clip from my feature documentary about dan's journey

3 stars
Easton Promo #1

a promotional video for Easton, the premiere shopping venue in central Ohio

5 stars
Michael Loftus promo #1

a promo for Michael Loftus' upcoming Comedy Central special

5 stars
DICK (part two)

Dave's boss is a dick and his name just so happens to be Dick.

5 stars

Chip Seinfeld's attempt to make the most offensive car commercial ever.

3 stars
5 stars
Eddie Pepitone needs a Pilot

Eddie Pepitone, Morgan Murphy, and Dax Jordan backstage at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival.

3 stars
Chip Seinfeld MOVIE trailer

a trailer for my first feature film

5 stars
Livin' the Dream (part 1)

life on the road with comedian Dan Cummins

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