He was born in Baltimore, MD, after high school he moved to Sacramento, CA. Don't ask. Got on his first stage in a college speech 1A class. His professor recommended he hit the local comedy club, deeming his prepared speeches "horrifically hilarious." He's interesting, and telling a unique comedy story. Tune in. He's currently the host of his new show on FUSE network called OFF BEAT.

Mike E. Winfield


My Clips

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Durango Food Hunters

Mike E. Winfield is in the back seat wishing he had no legs.

5 stars
Growing Vaginas

Mike E. Winfield's farm has suffered through many a drought but this year his vagina crop is looking very promising.

5 stars
Winning the Relationship

Mike E. Winfield is the Dr. Phil of real life.

5 stars
Hide from the Baby

Mike E. Winfield has a baby that looks like him. Always a good sign the child is yours!

5 stars
I'm an Adult

Mike E. Winfield is a big boy and if he's good, he will get a lollipop from his Mommy.

4 stars
Steal Center

Mike E. Winfield worked in the Steal Department.

5 stars
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