Mike Cannon burst onto the comedy scene the same way he shot through his father’s crudely fastened condom years ago; poorly timed and ill prepared. Now that he’s here, he’s going to make the most of it. Armed with an incredibly sharp wit and a perky ass, there is no limit to how far he can go. Seriously his ass is ridiculous. If he was gay on a regular basis, guys would be lined up around the block to tap it. Every time he steps on stage, Mike provides an energetic performance not for the faint of heart. He regularly plays major clubs throughout New York City including Caroline's on Broadway, Comic Strip Live, Broadway Comedy Club, Stand Up NY and Eastville Comedy to name a few. Mike has been featured on VH1's "Why Am I Still Single" as a comedian/guest roaster, has performed in numerous comedy festivals see resume, has also opened for MTV VMA winner’s ME TALK PRETTY at the Blender Theater in NYC, has been featured on Sirius/XM "Raw Dawg Comedy Channel," and has also been featured on the nationally syndicated day time court tv show “Street Court.” He’s also available for back alley H parties, events sponsored by Joran van der Sloot, and basically any place that serves alcohol. Mike is constantly working on his act, whether it be writing for his famed personal blog, trying jokes out on his friends, or bothering strangers on the subway for loose change or a sandwich. Comedy is his life, and he is dedicated to making the majority of you laugh and the rest of you squirm.

Mike Cannon

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