I’ve been a Madison, Wis. area comedian for almost 3 years now. Still waiting for that sign telling me to quit my day job and do comedy full time! I was a runner up in the 2005 funniest comic in Madison competition. Since then, my career has pretty much stayed the same. I’m a really funny guy. Seriously. Oh, and I was the anchor man on the winning bowling team at the 2003 Wisconsin State Bowling Tournament! Other than that, I really don’t have anything to brag about. Wait, I kissed a girl when I was 9. Yeah, that’s about it.

Mickey Schroeder


My Clips

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5 stars
Dickeyville Trojans

A bit about my hometown of Dickeyville, Wis. and our mascot.

5 stars
Ben doin Farley

An impression of my brother Ben doing his impression of Chris Farley.

5 stars
Dating Surprises

Some things you should look out for in the dating scene.

5 stars
My buddy Matt

What Matt does vs. what I do

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