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Michelle Metzner


My Clips

3 stars
Colon Health

Michelle Metzner explains the importance of colon health to her nephew.

3 stars
Calling Out a Friend

Michelle Metzner busts an audience member for calling out a friend.

3 stars
That's "Super" with an "S-S-S-S"

Michelle Metzner questions the sexuality of the Super Friends.

3 stars
Alli Is Not Your Ally

Michelle Metzner discusses the perils of taking Alli.

3 stars
Food Porn

Michelle Metzner has an idea for relieving the stress of dieting.

3 stars
Lesbian Loser Lottery

Michelle Metzner hits the jackpot!

3 stars
R.I.P. Michael Jackson

Michelle Metzner mourns Michael Jackson in her own special way.

3 stars
Cats vs. Dogs

Michelle Metzner contemplates why cats are evil.

3 stars
The Love of My Life

Michelle Metzner reveals her one true love.

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