At one point, I was born at Georgetown University Hospital. Shortly after my birth came an 18- year period marked by extreme awkwardness. After that brief 18- year period, I ended up at Georgetown University a nice little narrative arc where I studied English for three and a half years. It was at Georgetown where I made my first foray into comedy by joining the stand-up comedy club on-campus. The first time I attended, the head of the club was teaching us how to write jokes. Someone decided that as a group we would write a joke about lacrosse players. The leader asked everyone to say something about lacrosse players that pissed him/her off. Most people joked about the stereotype that they are womanizers and drunks. When it was my turn, I said, "I hate when you have sex with a lacrosse player and he doesn't call you the next morning." Not picking up on my sarcasm, I got blank stares all around. That was my first and last club meeting. Two years later, I did my first open mic.

Michael Quinn
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