Michael Palascak, a 20-something comedian from the Midwest, has trouble adapting to Daylight Savings Time. At a very young age, he was aware of the loud voices in his head, but a minor head injury during an intramural flag football game in college would quell them forever. And so, with the voices of destiny silenced, Michael was forced to forgo his pursuit of intramural flag football and settle for the more head safe career choice in stand-up comedy.

Drawing from his lifelong experiences of living at home with his parents, dorm life, and frequent trips to the local Dunkin Donuts, Michael's likable, innocent persona allows audiences to really appreciate the simple humor in their own lives...and also to laugh a lot.

Michael has performed at clubs and colleges all around the country including the World Famous Improv and, having trained at The Second City in Chicago, can be found on the sketch comedy circuit. Most recently, he debuted his one-person sketch show in Chicago--Pursuing Happiness: A bunch of scenes about people that moved out of their parents' house, got a real job, and got married. Performed by a guy who didn't.

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