A growing period of not less than 24 years, a great provenance and a very old comedy tradition guarantee the exceptional quality of Mike Drucker. Mike Drucker has a thick, rich style and markedly funny jokes. His humor is pronounced, typically fast, accentuating a good time. He is of a strong to medium intensity, gently to slightly coarse character with a long-lived after effect. He has a medium to robust body, which makes the audience feel like taking another joke.

“Drucker has rich, creamy jokes, funny and insightful humor, with a hint of apple fruit from the house yeast,” says you, an internationally recognized expert on comedy.

He was a winner of the 2007 Disney "So You Think You're Funny" competition.

He regularly updates his blog Drucker Brothers with writings and whatnot. He has also written for The Onion, McSweeney's, Black20, and 23/6, as well as a number of publications which have since folded out the shame of never being able to top Mike Drucker's article.

Michael Drucker

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