My first play was in elementary school as an elf. In high school, I performed in three more: Beckett's Endgame as Hamm, the French student Fifi in If Sherlock Holmes Was a Woman and as Annie, a very timid maid in Life With Father.

After college, I saw a show about SNL and Second City was mentioned as the training ground for my heroes. I signed up for classes at the more affordable Players Workshop of Second City and began commuting to Chicago from Michigan on the weekends to learn improv. In 1998, I moved to Chicago, went to Second City around 2002 and a variety of projects ensued.


My Clips

3 stars
Perforated Spleen PSA

It's a serious condition. Seriously.

3 stars
Song for My Papa

A French song in memory of my papa.

3 stars
Ich Bin Ein Berliner Show

Is she really German?

3 stars
How's Yer Nose?

A simple question, a lot of voices.

3 stars
I Will Die Alone

The "Self-Deprecating Monologist" from a Suspicious Clowns (Chicago) sketch show. 2007

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