As a black man growing up in Brisbanes notorious westsiiiiiide suburb of Indooroopilly, Matthew Okine aka Disco-Matt MC has seen it all. Surrounded by gang-warfare, drug-dealers, drive-bys, hookers with needles in their arms, and even worse, mothers picking their sons up from private schools in a four-wheel drive thats never touched a speck of dirt, Matt took on board all the mayhem of his environment and set sail to conquer a world more terrifying and painful than any law-society dinner--- The entertainment industry. Backed by the support of nobody and with little to no experience, Matt entered the Triple J Raw Comedy Competition where he was blessed with an opportunity to perform in the National final in front of 1500 people. The blessing was short-lived, however, after Matt BOMBED SO BADLY in his performance, that the International Comedy Board declared it an act of terrorism against all things funny. He then spent the next two years hiding and performing in the back alleys of Brisbane, and sometimes Sydney, refining his act, and attempting to change his ghetto ways. The Sit-Down Comedy Club finally found Matt this year, hiding in a dirt hole, in only his underwear and madly clutching his newly attained QUT Acting Degree.

Matt Okine

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