All Matt Morales wanted when he moved to San Francisco in 2002 was a Bachelor's Degree in communications and a dead end desk job. Then somewheres along the way the Louisiana native found himself drawn to a comedy open mic and now a few years later the young fool is trying to make a name for himself as a genuine stand-up comedian. Sure, he's done all the "A" rooms in the Bay Area. Boy even got himself on the news for all the stand-up fundraisers he did during Katrina. Caught a plane to Scotland and performed at their fancy Fringe Festival from what I've heard, too. Shoot, I can't blame the guy. Fella has one of them conversational styles that wraps you into what he's saying. Telling jokes about moving from here in Louisiana out to fancy California. Yup, California, sheesh. Three years ago I would've told you the place ain't real, just the setting for The Wizard. Anyway, this isn't about me, it's about the boy. And just so you know he did get that B.A. with The Terminator's signature on the diploma and every morning the kid wakes up to a headset and name tag. But despite achieving all of that he's still out there every night making people laugh. That makes a dude feel kinda safe inside, don't it?

Matt Morales
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