Critically acclaimed stand up comic. His comedy has been described as “funny” and “thoughtful, but not in that gay way”. Its like watching a philosopher slay a dragon…while talking about Sonic The Hedgehog.

Matt McInnis

My Clips

3 stars
Normal Activity

The final chapter in the Paranormal Activity Saga.

3 stars
Alternate Endings: Kindergarden Cop

First in a series of new endings to movies you thought you knew. This time its Kindergarden Cop

3 stars
Coca Cola Board Meeting, 1903

A crucial change in policy forever alters Coca-Cola into the soft drink we know today. A Mantapus Production Starring Matt McInnis Matt Keck Brad Ellis Brannan Murphy Anthony Roberts Written, Directed and Edited by Matt McInnis

5 stars

Outwitting the Jigsaw Killer

5 stars
Tribute to Janeane Garofalo

A short video i made after seeing Janeane in Chicago. A parody of celebrity crushes, and a nod to one of the folks who made me want to be a comic.

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