I found out that I wanted to do comedy in the 6th grade. Before that I was a bucktoothed, JNCO wearing, bowl-cut headed freak. The only thing that has changed is my physical appearance. I do mostly physical comedy, which may seem outdated to some, but is a unique art-form all to itself. I grew up loving guys like Jim Carrey, Chris Farley, and SNL actors. My first love was Tom Green for his absurd stupidity. That got the wheels rolling. I developed a love for Andy Kaufman. Enough of the name drops though....i want to experiment in my own way. Every great artist starts out weirding people out. I'm sure Bob Dylan's voice didn't sound angelic when the studio exec's first heard it. However, I'm going to stick to my guns and do what I know. Most of these clips are old. I want to have newer stuff up as soon as possible. The day I stop evolving is the day I should put the microphone down.

Matt Jones

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