Matt Dunn has been a Magician since the early age of only 6 and hasn’t slowed down yet. The popularity of his show has taken him all over Minnesota and to a number of other states. Today he is one of the busiest magicians in the Twin Cities and is a must have at anyone's event. Years of practice as a very young man, and what began with a neighbors magic kit, turned into a love for performing.

Two summers at a magic camp in California with some of today's most respected magicians raced him to the top of his game just as he began college at the University of St. Thomas. Matt graduated in the spring of 2005 with a degree in entrepreneurship. With a degree not many have heard of, a job that intrigues anyone, and the growth of his popular October Haunted Attraction, Matt is an interesting one to talk to. It's not Matt that's doing most of the talking though. It's others who are singing the praises of his show, humor, and creativity.

Matt Dunn
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