Matt Donaher started writing at a very early age, mostly just scribbles and his name. He continued to develop this craft and wrote short stories, tiny plays, and mini-books while in school in New Hampshire. Now he is writing jokes for you to hear at shows all over the East Coast or via echo if he plays near a canyon or cave.

Matt Donaher

My Clips

3 stars
I've Dated All Kinds

Variety is the spice of Matt Donaher's dating life.

5 stars
Sad Clothes Joke

Matt D on dry cleaning.

5 stars
Posing Nude

Posing and flashing are two different things.

5 stars
5 stars

Parental revenge is sweet.

5 stars
As An Adult

Hobbies can span a lifetime.

5 stars
Dental Malpractice

Matt D learns something disconcerting about his dentist.

5 stars
5 stars
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