Matt Champagne is a grown man but his voice cracks like a fourteen-year-old kid’s and he often sounds like he has a cold. Matt Champagne has hair on his back which he hopes will just go away on its own someday. Matt Champagne’s last name is really Champagne but that bothers people who don’t know him very well so they don’t know exactly what to call him sometimes. Matt Champagne could say something accidentally inappropriate at any time. Matt Champagne has been making his living acting in various TV shows, movies and commercials for about twelve years now: TV stuff like "Providence," "Will and Grace," "Working," "The Tick," "Angel," "Monk," "CSI Miami," "Boston Legal," "Numbers," "Medium," "Reaper," "'Til Death," "Brothers," "Castle," "The Ghost Whisperer" and "Miss Match" with Alicia Silverstone who--Matt has convinced himself--had a crush on him. Matt Champagne can be more than slightly delusional at times.; movie stuff like "The Continued Adventures of Reptile Man," "The Pentagon Wars" almost typed "Pentagon Warts", "The Specials," "For Christ’s Sake," "Crime and Punishment in Suburbia," and "Superhero Movie." Matt Champagne also played Piper Perabo’s husband in the Diane Keaton film "Because I Said So," something for which THEY paid HIM; commercial stuff like Home Depot, McDonald’s, Jack-in-the Box, IHOP, PODS, Dell Computer, Sprint, IMAX, Continental Airlines, AT&T and a bunch of other stuff that Matt Champagne is sure you’d be perfectly bored to hear about. Matt Champagne has also done stand-up comedy around Los Angeles at places like The Hollywood Improv, The World Famous Comedy Store, The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, The Ice House and The Comedy Union. Matt Champagne has opened and/or featured for major headliners like Nick Swardson, Jon Reep, Christopher Titus, J. Chris Newburg, Tom Rhodes, Rich Vos, Mary Lynn Rajskub and Jamie Kennedy. Matt Champagne also likes to play the bass guitar and will never pass up an opportunity to drop a groove on your ass. Matt Champagne has just discovered he’s uncomfortable using the word "ass" in his bio and promises not to do it again. Matt Champagne’s bio is now complete. There.

Matt Champagne
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