The only 6’4” blue-eyed Mexican on the planet (no research to confirm). Born and raised in Chilpancingo, Guerrero, Mexico; missionary (hippie) parents moved the family to upstate New York eight years later - gotta teach the boy some English. "COLD! Let’s get outta here!" Age thirteen, family moves to central Florida where Mat is formally introduced to heifers, Skynyrd and chewing tobacco. In '03, the tall, skinny punk loads up an ’88 Cadillac Coupe de Ville and heads off to Los Angeles; first apartment in Glendale, CA. Saw a gazillion Armenians and thought, "Wow, these Mexicans drive really nice cars!" Mat has once again set roots back in the deep south, sippin' forties, fryin' chicken and sinking into the Atlantic with retirees and immigrants galore. Hazel in Valdosta, GA: "If global warming would hurry up and swallow all of Florida, my home could be oceanfront property." Mat looks forward to volunteering in New Orleans: "I know how they feel. I dated a girl named Katrina. Same result! Lost all my furniture... Hid on my roof for three days... I had a sign: HELP ME!"

Mat has performed all over central Florida and southern California, in the first ‘Sultans of Satire’ production with Maz Jobrani (The Knights of Prosperity, Friday After Next), Ahmed Ahmed, Joey Nibras (The Wacky Iraqi), Peter Shahriari (Peter the Persian) and Ara Basil. He's also had the pleasure of performing his act on stage with Larry Omaha and Beny Mena; at a benefit for the American Cancer Society; on stage with Finesse Mitchell (former cast member of Saturday Night Live); Tim Wilson (Capitol Recording Artist); and he once did a pool-side show at a condominium complex for retired Jews. (In Florida? No way!)

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