arvin Rodriquez is one of the newest Chicano Comedian faces from San Jose CA Silicon Valley Marvin is a proud son of a Vietnam vet. Marvin gets a lot of material from his irregular life, such as growing up he used Marvin as his name throughout elementary school but when he reached JR High he couldn't get no play from the ladies with a name like Marvin, but when he changed to his middle name Angel all the girlies were responding with 'oh my little angel eyes' his mother and step father always had a unique way of arguing. Marvin also has 8 siblings but not of them is full blooded at the most half same moms' different dads or same dads' different moms and according to Marvin they're all jacked up and he will tell you about them.

Marvin is a Comic that takes a lot of pride in what he presents so he brings everything he has and leaves it all on the stage with no regret. Marvin will say what is on his mind the way he views it and it's usually things that others are afraid of pointing out verbally. Like comparing female ways to male lifestyle ways and all nationalities feel part of the fun. There is no Club/Venue to big or too small for Marvin's appetite, Marvin looks forward to bringing his show to you and your guests. Also with all the energy Marvin brings he makes a great host as well. Marvin has filmed for Loco Comedy Jam and will be appearing as a guest on DL Hughleys Comedy Central special

Marvin also has his own TV show that airs every Saturday at 10pm in San Jose. Marvin often thinks laughter is the light that we all share.


Marvin Rodriguez
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