Marvin Lee is a high energy, down to earth smart alec, with a hidden dark side. He talks about everything from his multi-cultural family to the down fall of the Saturday morning cartoon. In doing so Marvin takes subjects and twists then to his style of thinking. Does he have issues?... A Bi-racial kid raised in the deep South who's father was a Vietnam vet and mom worked for the post office..... Nahhh, how could he?

Marvin Lee's show has something for every body because he agrees with everyone but sides with no one. Who's smarter men or women? Are black and white people really that different? Is it better to be single or in a relationship? Having experienced life from many different perspectives Marvin loves to side with one group before he turns on them and agrees with the other. The truth is most people are the same in about 80% of most situations. It's that other 20% that make you want to slap somebody.

Marvin Lee
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