With his quick wit and versatile voice, Marty DeRosa has blended his talent for stand up comedy and his love of pro wrestling to become a favorite of critics, fans, and Twitter followers alike.

As a founding member of "Comedians You Should Know", the premier independently run stand up showcase in Chicago, DeRosa has had a #1 comedy album on itunes and has been recognized as an emerging talent by Time Out Chicago, Chicago Tribune, Red Eye, and Chicago Magazine. He performs stand up all over the country which lead him to a partnership with pro wrestler Colt Cabana.

Together they produce and perform "Creative Has Nothing For You", a weekly series poking fun of the behind the scenes world of professional wrestling. CHNFY has been featured in Britain's Fighting Spirit Magazine and has many devoted international and US fans.

The duo also collaborate on "$5 Wrestling", a series of DVDs, keeping their cult following thoroughly entertained. In the style of Mystery Science Theater 3000, riffed and improvised commentary makes the wrestling they showcase "So bad, it's good!" "$5 Wrestling" recently made it's debut on pay-per-view.

"Wrestling With Depression", DeRosa's critically acclaimed podcast, is an honest and humorous series of interviews with fellow comedians, wrestlers, and performers, reconciling the creative process with the daily struggle of depression. It has been profiled by Comedy of Chicago and The Onion's AV Club.

Marty DeRosa


My Clips

5 stars
4 stars
Confidence Beers

Marty DeRosa Fills you in on how NOT to get cast in a commercial.

3 stars
3 stars
Torturing My Girlfriend

Marty DeRosa is in a relationship. He has a girlfriend. And for him, relationship razzing that's very funny.

3 stars
Mystery Girls House

Marty DeRosa explains the funny circumstances that abound when visiting a mystery girl's house. Sometimes there are sex toys.

3 stars
All Hispanic Comedy Contest

Marty DeRosa once competed in a Hispanic comedy competition. Problem was, he is not Hispanic. Mary will explain the rest.

3 stars
Public Urination

Marty DeRosa will educate us on the ins and outs of public urination. Think its simple? Think again. Its hilarious!

5 stars
High in Public

Marty DeRosa puts his own special touch on being high in public.

3 stars
Moments of True Love

Marty DeRosa isn't full of hot air when he tells you he loves his girlfriend.

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