Marty got his start in comedy in Salt Lake City Utah. He quickly became a regular at Wiseguys Comedy Club. Opening for comics such as Pete Holmes, Rachel Feinstein, and Greg Behrendt. After three years and making a name for himself in the Salt Lake comedy scene, and the
midwest, he picked up and went to New York City. After spending a year in New York and becoming a stronger comic, he returned to Salt Lake City.

Five years in, he continues to perform regularly at Wiseguys along with touring the midwest and performing in festivals. Such as Laugh Your Asheville Off, the Rocky Mountain Laugh Off and the Idaho Laugh Festival.

Marty Archibald

My Clips

3 stars
Rest And Staying In Shape

Marty Archibald knows that being fit, is a great way to get the ladies.

3 stars
This Is Not A Character

People sometimes mistake Marty Archibald's on stage persona for an act, but he is the same in everyday life.

3 stars
Homobile v2

When he was in high school, Marty Archibald knew that the secret to getting the ladies, was a hot car.

3 stars
3 stars
5 stars
Worried Mom

Not letting my mom be wrong

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