Martha Marion describes hersef as a human, woman, american, comedian, actor, writer, silly billy, dress wearer, person with few shoes, FOODIE!!, fatter than she used to be, liberal, soduku lover, traveler, folk music fan, alcohol enthusiast, cancer, technology-phobe, camper, hiker, sun worshipper, dancer, NPR Freak, Venice Beach liver, the walrus, baby snuggler, lover, playmate, daughter, sister, friend. SHE IS NOT... a toenail painter, church goer, republican, club partyer, vegetarian, person who "knows the music scene," volunteer, group joiner, fan of fashion magazines, money saver, morning person, victim, tea drinker, visual artist, blogger, blog reader, appreciator of blogs, bungee jumper, hippie, corporate-type, wearer of hosiery.

Martha Marion
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