Mark Riccadonna had the pleasure of growing up in a small town just outside of Youngstown, Ohio. He was a sports fanatic throughout his youth football, wrestling, baseball. Weaving in and out of trouble during junior high and high school days, he always seemed to find fun and trouble by mocking and teasing teachers. Mark was well known for his antics, prank calls, destructive behavior on field trips and skipping class to sit in the cafe and joke with the faculty.

After high school mark decided to pursue acting. He attended the American Acadamy of Dramatic Arts and fell in love with acting, and the true craft. Mark took his work very seriosly, and completed the program then joining the 2001-2002 American Academy of Dramatic Arts Company. Doing several productions, that range from Chekov to modern theatre and continuing classes around the city.

After graduation from A.A.D.A. mark found a job waiting tables at Stand-Up New York. Within two months he was night managing and booking his own shows. He decided to try stand up comedy, since he always enjoyed joking around. Finding stage time and preparing a stand up act Mark soon became one of the hardest working comics around. Mark loves to hear people laugh, especially at him! Mark now plays the major comedy clubs in New York and all over the East Coast, and still manages to find time to work in theatres and on films.

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