"I am Mark Roman and you are not. But you can watch. I Want my Mark TV." After years auditioning his comedy act during otherwise ordinary sales presentations, Mark discarded the last name nobody could spell, pronounce or remember: Mark Roman was born. After the procedure, Mark reported that he did fell a bit light-headed, but definitely sexier, with mostly no anal leakage. Although he has never worn women's clothing to sexual effect nor plastered his wall with posters of David Hasselhoff, Mark was nominated and won a spot on the FBI's subversive list by publishing an independent student newspaper at a small midwestern college, whose warden enjoyed drinking, driving, and the pleasures of his son's wife. Mark completed his college education at the San Francisco Comedy College. Mark has performed at such venues as Tommy T's and Rooster T. Feathers. Mark also has organized comedy open mics in Walnut Creek, California, lately at Spin Ultra Lounge on Locust Street. Some call him the Don of Contra Costa Comedy, consorting has he does with his growing cartel of comedians, artists, and other circus-folk. Mark sees himself as nothing more than a simple man who strolls the village and gropes -er, greets the citizens. And no, Mark has never met Bob Dole. Why do you ask?

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