My dad started doing comedy when he was 17 in Havana. I have loved comedy since I was a baby. I'm still a baby, in a Benjamin Buttons way.
My style is personal, neurotic over shares. I'm not laid back. I talk with my hands. Someday I'll try being understated.
I was voted 'Best Comedian' 2009 and 2008 by the readers of the San Francisco Bay Guardian. This year I stopped sleeping around for votes.
Most recently I've appeared on LOGO. I also have some old Comedy Central, Showtime and HBO credits. The weirdest TV gig I ever had was "prisoner number 3" in Guiding Light.
I tend to play more in concert and at universities than the standard comedy club. I was one of the first out Gay comics in the US. But I'm starting to get love from straight people too.
I'm just thrilled that I finally remembered my password since I have been locked out of this site for a month.
You can reach me at

Marga Gomez

My Clips

3 stars

Sometimes I feel like a childless Mother.

5 stars
Ricky Martin is gay

Marga Gomez is happy that Ricky Martin finally came out of the closet.

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Watching Survivor

Marga Gomez discusses the reality of reality television.

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Gay Marriage

What Marga learned from Morgan Freeman.

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Burning Man

Recorded at Yoshi's San Francisco

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Dream Cheater

I dream of cheating.

5 stars

Marga Gomez on racial profiling.

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