In 2005 Marc achieved film success with the release of his first feature film 'The Vampire Conspiracy'. In March of 2008, the Vampire Conspiracy became the 672 most searched film on

In 2006 Marc became a writer/director and instrumental in creating the first season of the TV show HouseCapades;, a variety/real estate show Hosted by Canadian comedy icon Mike Bullard, it utilizes a rare combination of sketch comedy and personal interviews while home-owners are trying to sell their homes. A change in the show's format kept him on as Segment Director and the parent company Magnolia Stone Productions' Creative Director

Marc has also achieved acclaim by becoming a two-time platinum and a gold award-winning director, having received highest honors in his categories at both the 2007 and 2008 Worldfest in Houston.

He is working on several projects in numerous stages of development.

Marc was born and lives in Toronto, Canada.

Marc Morgenstern
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