Marc started doing stand-up while in college and after graduation he stepped away from the stage to give the "real world" a shot. That didn't last very long and Marc was back to entertaining audiences. With a unique charm and generally ridiculous outlook on life, Marc's comedy career seems to be catching people's attention. Residing in Georgia, Marc won the 2009 Athens' Last Comic Standing Competition and has opened for a handful of headlining heavyweights in the past two years. Incorporating real-life stories with his entertaining physical humor, Marc creates a show that keeps audiences laughing and asking for more. He is now currently promoting his "Late for Class Comedy Tour" at clubs and colleges around the country.


Marc LaMotte

My Clips

5 stars
Owls are not cute and cuddly.

Marc performing at the Univ. of West Florida explaining why alcohol can mess with your judgement.

5 stars
Drunk Tricks

@ the Somewhere in Augusta B&G Comedy Zone.

5 stars
Strip clubs and cinemax

Explaining why cinemax is better than strip clubs.

5 stars
The kid's a genius

Marc LaMotte at the Laughing Skull in Atlanta, GA explaining why sometimes it was hard to punish the bad kids at summer camp....especially when they were funny!

4 stars
The things kids say.

Marc talks about working with kids at the Univ. of Georgia.

5 stars
Girls are turkeys/Guys are monkeys

Marc LaMotte talks about why girls are like turkeys at the University of Georgia.

5 stars
Girls will stick up for their friends

Performing at the Univ. of Georgia, Marc talks about how girls will stick up for their friends.

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