Marc Kennedy has been a member of DSI since 2005 and is a member of the Harold team Gravel Patch. Marc has also worked on the sketch show DSI witness news and regularly performs stand-up at DSI and around the Raleigh area. Marc has studied under such experienced improvisers as Zach Ward, Jeremy Griffin, Scott Jennings, Chris Conklin, Ryan Locante, Kit Fitzimmons, and Jason Quinn. Marc has been a member of previous Harold teams The Happieness and Man vs Science and was a member of the Cage Match team Mother Goose Project.
When Marc is not performing improv or doing stand up he may be working on a film project with the Janky Video Squad or writing some songs in his spare time. Marc may also be found mindlessly surfing the net or driving to work or taking a nap. No one can do cool creative things all the time, not even Marc.

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