Manvir Singh is a Sikh American who provides a distinct perspective in the world of comedy. Wearing a turban and living through years of discrimination after the 9/11 attacks, Manvir is ready to take the big stage and show everyone that being different is not a disadvantage. Instead, he embraces the stereotypes of being different and provides comic relief regarding issues discussed by mass media. He has performed around the US, including New York's top comedy clubs (Carolines, Gotham, Comic Strip, etc.) as well as shows such as the "Big Brown Comedy Hour" and the "Laughing Devil Comedy Festival". In addition, he performed for the National Association for Campus Activities in Boston in 2014. Manvir realized he is successful because he follows the philosophy, "Why blend in when you were born to stand out?" With everyone's full support, Manvir hopes to spread the laughter. You can message him on his facebook page:

Manvir Singh

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3 stars

Manvir Singh shares hilarious stories of miscommunication manifested from the language and culture gap known by his parents.

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