Maggie MacDonald was in veterinary school when she decided to give stand-up comedy a try. After her first performance in front of classmates and professors, she was hooked. Even so she decided to finish vet school to keep her parents from disowning her. Maggie now performs all over the country. She incorporates material from her interesting day job as a veterinarian as well as from her personal life. Be careful, she’s not as demure as she looks!

Maggie MacDonald

My Clips

3 stars
Giving Pills to a Cat

Maggie MacDonald give explicit instructions getting a cat to swallow.

3 stars
Friends With Babies

Maggie MacDonald understands women who don't want another baby.

2 stars
Dating a Comic

Maggie MacDonald knows why it's difficult to date a stand-up comic.

2 stars
Clean Pool

Maggie MacDonald knows what jacuzzis are REALLY for.

2 stars
Staff Pick 2 stars
2 stars
2 stars
2 stars
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