Alsatian-born comedian/author/music artist, ‘Mad Mark’ Wirtz moved to London,
England, as a teenager and became an internationally awarded musician/record
producer for EMI Records, working at Abbey Road studios alongside artists like the Beatles and Pink Floyd.

In 1972, Mark moved to Los Angeles, where he continued his music career while burning the midnight oil as a burgeoning author. Since then, Mark has published four novels and countless articles, all typically underscored by his sharply satirical wit.

While continuing to be regarded as a cult-legend in the music world, growingly being discovered by a whole new generation of music lovers his recent music CD, "Love Is Eggshaped," continues to be a global bestseller on i-Tunes, in 2007, Mark shifted his priority commitment from Rock'n'Roll to comedy, rendering his music merely peripheral to his comedy writing and performing .

‘Mad Mark’ Wirtz currently lives in Savannah, GA, and performs in southeastern comedy clubs and his comedy base in Atlanta, work-shopping his new, one-man musical comedy show-in-progress, “Cooking For Cannibals.”

Mark's new studio CD "Lost Pets 2" is scheduled for release in March of 2011 by PoppyDisc Records.

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