If one were able to gut himself on stage, spray all that was inside onto those sitting in the audience, and still make in funny, that persons name would be Mack Lindsay. His style has been called everything from committing Hari Kari on stage, to violently entertaing, to a post-modern satire for the apocalypse. Since Mack first stepped on stage he has caused most to take note. Sacred Cow Productions picked up him fairly early on in his career. It is a relationship that has earned him a legitimate fan base. He has helped SCP in producing, namely Showtime’s “American Drug War: Last White Hope” in which he helped film and had a cameo. Having the stage performance that Mack does has a very specific crowd. And that crowd was discovered during the “Vans warped Tour 13”, where he headlined the stand up portion of the tour. It was, and is, the first/only time that has happened for the legendary punk festival. As far as clubs and standard comedy venues are concerned, Mr. Lindsay has his chops as well. He has performed with everyone from open mic comics all the way to some of the top performers in the country. It is a fact, to see Mack Lindsay, is to see a truly unique and honest performer, two qualities that seem to be lacking in so much of stand up comedy today.

American Drug War: Last White Hope
Van’s Warped Tour
Stand Up is Dead
Mack Lindsay’s Darkest Hour Weekly late show at The World Famous Comedy Store
Comedy Store Paid Regular Name is on the wall bitch!
People Performed with: Doug Stanhope, Niel Hamburger, Mitch Headburg, Carlos Mencia, Bobcatt Golthwaite, etc…

Mack Lindsay

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