M. Dickson doesn't like the word "pessimist" - she prefers to think of herself as a "jaded optimist"... The glass is still half empty but the juice is friggin' delicious.

A regular on MTV's FNMTV Premieres, M has also been seen on CBS Sunday Morning, Comcast On Demand and Womens Entertainment Television. Festival performances include The Boston Comedy Festival, The NY Underground Comedy Festival, The Austin Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, The North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival and The Laugh Your Asheville Off Festival.

So - what we're saying is -- she gets around.

M is a founding member of The Quarter Life Crisis Tour which is currently on a run up and down the East coast.

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M Dickson


My Clips

5 stars
That's not news

M Dickson on what obesity, Lindsay Lohan and the ghost of Patrick Swayze have in common.

5 stars
Check-Up In Chelsea: Embarrassing Dental Results

The dentist (M. Dickson) delivers some awkward test results after a routine dental exam...

5 stars
Would You Rather?

M. Dickson at The Comedy Studio (Boston, MA)

5 stars
Pregnancy commercials

Pregnancy commercials bring up a lot of concerns for M Dickson.

5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
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