Mary looks innocent enough. She might even remind you of someone you know, like your cousin or that gal from work, if that gal has an incredibly twisted view of life. Prepare yourselves for a surprise. Things are not always what they seem.
Mary grew up in New York, in a big Catholic family. Life was full of good things: food, movies and music, all served with a side of guilt.
One of the fastest rising comedians in Florida, Mary can be seen performing anywhere, be it a comedy club, festival, charity fundraiser or even a city park in the middle of the workday.
Mary has performed with Elayne Boosler, Amy Schumer, Shane Mauss and Maryellen Hooper. Appearances include: The Gilda Laughfest 2012; The 2011 Boston Comedy Festival NY Showcase; Winner of the Sarasota Division of the 2011 Florida's Funniest Comedian Competition.

Mary Tischbein
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